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-Biography -


Swishahouse is a Houston, Texas based independent, southern rap record label Founded and Owned by DJ Michael "5000" Watts. Michael Watts began his music career in the 8th grade making his first mixtape.  Losing his mother at the age of 17 years old. Michael quickly grew up " No one gave me anything. I had to learn to pay bills, teach myself how to drive, and how to be a man. I was only 17 years old. God took care of me." (Michael Watts, 2023).  Michael mixes had the streets on fire which caught the attention of Lester Pace. In 1993 Lester Pace brought Michael to the studios of 97.9 the box. Where Michael  first began his radio career and met OG Ron C. OG Ron C would eventually help Michael expand the "Swishahouse" brand.  In the mid 1990s  Michael began creating slowed down mixes which were called "Swish Mixes". Michael's childhood home would become known as the "Swishahouse".  Michael would go on to create many classic Swishahouse mixtapes.    Such as "Before the Kappa",  and Northside 8-12  to name a few. Michael also created the legendary "Fuck Actions".   Michael mixtapes birth the careers of many successful artists such as Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Chamillinare just to name a few. 

Michael released "Swishahouse" first commercial album "The Day Hell Broke Loose" in 1999. In 2003 Michael partnered with G-Dash to create Swishablast. Swishablast would release "Who is Mike Jones" in 2005 and "The Peoples Champ" by Paul Wall in 2005. With all the success Michael continued his "Swisha Mixes" expanding the slowed down music culture by remixing major label artist. Lil Wayne, KORN, Master P, UGK, David Banner, LiL Jon, and 36 Mafia just to name a few Michael has remixed.  

" I want to be a part of music in a positive light. Make music that makes people feel good.  You know up lift one another. I still mix and slow down projects. Nowadays I enjoy the fruits of my labor. GOD has been beyond good to me. I have a beautiful wife, five beautiful daughters, and two grandchildren. My mom never saw any of my children but God allowed me to see my grandchildren. God is good." ( Founder, Owner, CEO, CO-CEO, Producer, DJ, Husband and Father The Great Michael "5000" Watts, 2023).

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